Unfiltered oil frasca

The unfiltered olive oil, also known as “aceite en rama” (oil on branch), is an oil which no passes through last phase of filtration (vertical centrifugation), what gives the oil an opacity we can not find in filtered oil.


This type of oil is decanted naturally itself, depositing the dregs at the bottom of the own bottle. Due to this oil only is consumed fresh; it has a stronger flavour, lightly piquant and intense, since it preserves intact the flavours of the fruit. Recommended raw use or for cooking at low temperature.


100% extra virgin olive oil.


Box of 6 bottles of frascas of transparent crystal of 500 ml. with cork stopper.


Fruity, bitterness, itching.


Toasts, salads and other dressings. Direct consumption..


Cold extraction.


Keep in a cool, dry and place away from light, heat and strong smells

Degree of Acidity

< 0,2