Valdezarza Presentation


In the heart of the Mounts of Toledo, at 700 m. of altitude and orientation to the south, it is found Valdezarza. Located between the small villages of St. Martin and Villarejo de Montalbán. In a natural place isolated of large population centres in which of them 1500 Ha. that occupies this property, a good part of its land is dedicated to Olive tree crop. In which the tradition and the last technologies turn into the best allies for the production of the olive oil.



In this place, of undoubted ecological value, our olive trees coexist in full nature with the own fauna of the Mounts of Toledo. Roe-deer, Deer, Boars, and other species on the verge of extinction, Short-toed Eagles, Royal Eagles, Imperial Eagles, Vultures, and Royal Owls. Which live together with the Iberian Lynx in a privileged environment. In which from unmemorable times the olive tree has been cultivated.


Valdezarza Farm

Probably the first Oil Mills of the zone date back to ancient times, but from the XVIIth century Valdezarza already had its own. This ideal environment, for the different ecosystems that needs each of our varieties from olive tree. Arbequinos, Picuales, Cornicabra, Cacereña, Hojiblanca. With the experience in the good work of excellence oils by our qualified personnel that day after day takes care and spoils our trees. Added to the fact of which the Oil-mill is inside the plantation. Gives as a result the best of the oils, the liquid gold Valdezarza.



In our plantation we are conscious that every variety, every tree needs a type of care. Understand this culture as a “small art” in which day after day we learn of the own nature. Certainly we help ourselves with the last technologies. Which we join to the knowledge that the tradition and the experience have provided to us. Pioneers in research and development in 2017, we have incorporated the follow-up of our trees by means of drones. Which help us to determine the optimum point of maturation. As well as systems of geolocation that assure us the traceability of the whole process.



Fully aware with the environment in Valdezarza, all the products used in our plantation are of ecological culture. In which in addition we do a complete cycle in which we re-use the bone of olive it is turned into Biomass. The remains of pruning serves as food to our goat farm. And the alperujo of the process of production turns into natural credit.

Finca Valdezarza.