Innovation Plan


The Valdezarza Innovation Plan was launched in 2016. We were analyzed the needs facing the Finca Valdezarza from the perspective of olive growing. The aim was to identify the lines of innovation to develop over the next 6 years (2017-2022). It defines the investment strategy and modernization in a document: VALDEZARZA INNOVATION PLAN.


The realization of the Innovation Plan has been funded 50% by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha. In the Program of Support for Business Innovation in Castilla-La Mancha 2015.


Innovation thematic areas

1. RPRAS’s application (drones) and new technologies to the managing and management of the exploitation olivicola. Phases: 2 ª.

1ª. Development of RPAS’s application (teledetection) for the improvement in the management of the irrigation and the fertilization

2ª. RPAS and agronomic sensors combination for the creation of a more complete model of decision help.

3ª. Exploitation of results of the model in different forms, which will give place possibly to individual projects in every case: x

– Irrigation interaction with other factors
– Irrigation threshold
– Yield control and vigour control in superintensive exploitation
– Ripeness point’s model of estimation in every variety
– Organization and optimization of the withdrawal
– Improvement in the olive’s receipt in the Oil-mills


2. Innovation in the ecological olive grove: use of the residues of the composting of the alperujo like ecological fertilizer. Use of covers and other prevention measures and ecological treatment against the olive tree fly.


3. System of traceability Field – Oil-mill: improvement of the system of quality control and production by means of its georeferencing that allows knowing the origin of every lot of oil.


4. Implantation of renewable energies: plan of supply independence.


5. Tourism oleocinegetic: plan of environmental utilization, hunting resources, olivicola and gastronomic that Valdezarza and its environment can offer for tourism

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Valdezarza Innovation Plan